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Reasons why writers should employ humor in their work

Humor has grown to become an essential part of American novels today. From thought-provoking satire to lighthearted gags, humor is embedded into almost every genre of American fiction and is increasingly becoming a cornerstone of the modern literary landscape. It’s easy to understand why—humor can provide readers with much-needed relief from the often-overwhelming complexities and tragedies present in the creation of a well-developed fictional universe. For authors, it’s also a powerful storytelling weapon that enables them to create compelling stories with multiple different layers for their readers to unpack and ponder upon. Needless to say, humor has made its mark firmly on modern-day American literature, allowing authors and readers alike to explore realms that otherwise would be difficult for either side to traverse alone.

Here’s how humor helps authors make a lasting impression and reap the benefits of their smart wit!

Engaging Storyline

Humor is a powerful tool for any writer and can be used to make characters incredibly believable. Studies have shown that 94% of people believe that their sense of humor is either on par or above average, making it easier for readers to connect with a humorous character and their circumstances. A great example of this is Frank Giammanco’s novel “Lord of the Wood”. By introducing his characters with a humorous side, the author efficiently captures the attention of readers while also combining various genres into one exciting and entertaining novel.

Helps Readers Identify with the Characters

Humor can often be an amazing way to deepen a reader’s connection with a story. It allows authors to create a unique dynamic between characters, setting them apart from the two-dimensional archetypes so often found in books and films. The teasing give-and-take banter between people who know each other can make readers feel like they truly know what’s going on between them and are part of the inner circle that only exists within the comic timing of characters’ interactions. Furthermore, humor creates moments for readers to pause and savor as they pick up unexpected turns of phrase or ironies spoken by characters. With its power to take us out of our daily lives, humor can be just as compelling as any suspenseful plot development or vivid description.

Improves Creativity & Imagination

A joke here and there can often liven up the mood and be just what’s needed. But, did you know that laughter can actually do more than generate good vibes? Recent studies have demonstrated that when we experience positive emotions like hilarity, our ability to think creatively improves significantly. Not only does humor makes the story easier and more enjoyable to read, but it’s also an excellent way to engage your readers, get them hooked on your story, and really make them take delight in reading.

So next time you’re wondering how to get those creative writing juices flowing, why not try a joke or two? Maybe some humor is all that’s missing for your creativity levels to reach new heights!

“Lord of the Wood” by Frank Giammanco

“Lord of the Wood” is an action-packed fantasy fiction novel, guaranteed to grab readers with its unique blend of imagination, humor, and intensity. Frank’s writing style radiates through the story as it makes an impactful impression on you whilst taking each character’s journey deeper into their depths. A must-read for any avid reader!

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