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About Lin Amherst

Lin Amherst is dedicated to empowering seniors to maintain vitality and youthfulness throughout their golden years. With a profound understanding of the aging process and personal experience as a senior, Lin Amherst has diligently prioritized his own health for an extended period.

Lin Amherst is passionate about assisting seniors in defying the limitations typically associated with aging, enabling them to embrace life to the fullest. Recognizing the paramount importance of physical well-being in achieving a comfortable and pain-free retirement, Lin Amherst emphasizes the significance of staying active and maintaining good health. With “Fitness for Seniors,” Lin Amherst provides invaluable motivation for seniors to overcome common excuses that hinder their engagement in fitness programs.

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About The Book

Fitness for Seniors by Lin Amherst highlights the significance of establishing a consistent routine to achieve a healthy lifestyle and bridge the gap between initial trials and a seamless workout regimen. The author delves into the common reasons individuals abandon their fitness aspirations, including time constraints, unrealistic expectations, lack of enjoyment, fear of injury, inadequate support, and wrong motivation. Within the book, Lin Amherst encourages readers to start small, set achievable goals, and focus on the positive effects of exercise on mood and well-being instead of overbearing goals.

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